Friday, October 1, 2010

Jonathan Linvingston Seagull by ~Richard Bach.

“This book marks a time of the lowest of lows and the biggest highs that followed!”  it inspires~
I read this book when a dear friend gifted it to me recently on my 21st birthday, after hearing for years that it was great and life-changing. I expected at worst that it wouldn't be quite as good as advertised. Dude! was I in for a surprise! Because Jonathan’s adventure, if you’ve ever had flying dreams, is the adventure we all want to have.
I adore this book. The fact that this story comes in the form of such a tiny book makes me gleeful and being almost so miraculously, the best thing that happened to me NOW!.  
The idea of fat novels makes me runnn!!

Like it’s truly said "Big things come in small packages" .This little story contains big messages. So big, to me, that they cover every message I ever want to remember. The story covers the rat race of life, being different, learning, living true to one's self, being here and now, teaching, and recognizing that none of us is divine yet we are limitless to be what we want to be……
 … It made me realize am at a stage in life where just living is not enough.  One must have love, sunshine, colors of freedom, and a little flower too.  ;0)

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  1. God bless darling.. i felt something akin when i received my 'Seagull'..
    i read and re read, several times, just to be sure.. it was such a beautiful emotion..
    I believe, each one of us have wings.. and hearing your experince i also believe 'Seagull' happens to you when you need the flight..
    you said the word..
    Love you