Friday, September 24, 2010


I ask this, not as a question but as a thought - Do you have a space which unites you with yourself, your thoughts. A place where you feel belonged. I recently got my spot. A place where i can be just with my loved ones or by myself. Where my thoughts have no boundaries to stop, to stop me from being 

I walked along side your shadow, when i was 10. 
i distanced you from me, for no such reason to be. 
I walked along side your shadow when i was 27.
i distanced  you from me, but you still welcomed me like when i was 10.
Never to know that you would give me my spot, my spot where i would share my dreams with you till my last breath.   

i unite with love in my space with you ... 

( So i ask you all, do you have your space and does it make you dream ? )

Friday, September 17, 2010

many me...

I am not ‘one’ person. I have not been able to attach to a singular idea of who I am, what I represent or where I belong. And honestly, I am OK with that. I just enjoy being everything everyday makes me.
I wake up each morning to a wardrobe full of random objects – not one that could identify me, but together they help me define myself each day. The nostalgic pleated trousers along with the youthful nautical stripes and the whimsical scarf create a version of me, like a mood board, for that day.
That is the coolest thing about fashion – It is the most fundamental, indispensable and apparent expression of who you are at any moment. It is not knowing what is “in fashion” but finding why it is fashion that fascinates me. I feel my clothes have a lot to say, if I listen... they tell me everyday a little bit more about who I am.
- ateev

Saturday, September 4, 2010

 "Blue-So-True with emotions so rare,written in ink to always stay.
 We stay,we say, with three lines and 2 circles - a.k.a. 
Aka we liveaka we see, our dreams,which dream the rare".