Friday, September 24, 2010


I ask this, not as a question but as a thought - Do you have a space which unites you with yourself, your thoughts. A place where you feel belonged. I recently got my spot. A place where i can be just with my loved ones or by myself. Where my thoughts have no boundaries to stop, to stop me from being 

I walked along side your shadow, when i was 10. 
i distanced you from me, for no such reason to be. 
I walked along side your shadow when i was 27.
i distanced  you from me, but you still welcomed me like when i was 10.
Never to know that you would give me my spot, my spot where i would share my dreams with you till my last breath.   

i unite with love in my space with you ... 

( So i ask you all, do you have your space and does it make you dream ? )


  1. cant agree more.
    i do.
    much love.

  2. yeah.. i have found mine
    Does it make me dream...i know not
    Am i living a dream.. Maybe.. i still know not
    but i am kicked by the thought that i love..
    I am secretly tickled by the fact that i am alive..
    and i am exhilarated..that i give!!

  3. ..for me every spot becomes special with the presence of every thing that brings me could be spending time with someone i purely love or even just by myself.... i need not go back to the spot ever again...but for that soul feels connected!