Friday, October 8, 2010

this AND that...

Design is art with a function. The mass produced T-shirt that covers my back AND the hand crafted shoes that shod my feet both serve equally important purposes.
A lot of times I have had people mistake my choice to create a bespoke product that is hand made and hence expensive, as design snobbery. I feel design has the power to go beyond and touch the soul. And if something I create can function for your emotional being and help you express yourself a little more, it is a successful design. But that does not mean that I think any less of design that is mass produced. I believe they both feed different parts of our being and both must co-exist "like water and air", as Naz says because they offer freedom of choice.
Design is art with the function to set you free.

This is a little preview of something that a.k.a. put together. Our first little endeavour at creating beautiful design together.


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  1. my favoritest illustration!
    ur the inspiration...... :0)