Sunday, February 13, 2011

because ...

 because i live for ME 
 because of you i fly
 because i think in being a shadow 
 because i live to dream 
because i can face you.
 because i believe in change 
 because i care for protection 
 because i want to be a child
 because, i make smiles with my hand 
 because i travel with my backpack to places unseen 
 because i read hand to soul 
 because i come from where the light began 
 because, i need no monkey to make music 
 because, for the needle of love and the thread to bond  
 because expressions make me meet myself. 
 because love is not to far 
 because i believe in sharing love  
 because i believe being pampered 
 because i have lived 
because i have power to face my soul 
 because i LIVE.
because what i see is what you believe. 

 ~ karan berry 


  1. its very very imtresting.............

  2. i alway believe.. beautiful very interesting.. hugs

  3. it would be a great photography exhibition....its beautiful........

  4. its absolutely soul stirring... thank you for sharing..thank you for being a beautiful human being.. i am grateful for your friendship..more than i can ever express... muuuuuuuuuaaahh

  5. its a wonderful, soul stirring and awe-inspiring set of pictures. love the caption on the last one! and the shots really caught my eye =)
    much love, Berry ji!