Saturday, August 7, 2010

north star

              'Every traveller needs a sign, a guiding star to reveal destiny’s course
          Every Journey needs direction, more than a destination to give it meaning'


We were introduced as teacher and students. She recognized us before we did and helped us see the world around us and the designer within. Inspiring us not only to create from the soul but to live soulfully. I feel success is when you can put a part of yourself, a dream, out there and live it. We learned that from Nazneen.

We were and continue to be sustained by one piece of immeasurable good fortune while being around Naz.  The biggest lesson taught by her is to celebrate self and the rest would follow!
She is a friend, a woman of immense wisdom with a gentle, unbending determination...............

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  1. its so so so perfect description of her
    ma'am we all love u.........